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Zinc (Zn - 419.5oC)


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Zinc is a bluish-white, lustrous metal. It is brittle at ambient temperatures but is malleable at 100 to 150°C. It is a reasonable conductor of electricity The metal is employed to form numerous alloys with other metals. Brass, nickel silver, type metal, commercial bronze, spring bronze, German silver, soft solder, and aluminium solder are some of the more important alloys. Large quantities of zinc are used to produce die castings, which are used extensively by the automotive, electrical, and hardware industries. A large proportion of all zinc, perhaps more than a third, is used to galvanize metals such as iron so as to prevent corrosion. Typically this involves dipping the object to be coated in molten zinc for a short time but electroplating or painting methods are also used. Please see our page on Zinc repair sticks.
Melting Point 419.5 oC
Boiling Point 907 oC
Density 7.133g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity @ 20oC 0.27cal/(s.cm. oC)
Specific Heat @ 20oC 0.0915cal/g
Latent Heat Of Fusion 1.76k-cal/g-atom
Brinell Hardness 2.5
Zinc is mostly used as an anti-corrosive agent in other metal products.
It is used in the process of galvanization.
Zinc is used as an anode on other metals particularly metals that are used in electrical works or come in contact with seawater.
It is also used as an anode material in batteries.
Zinc is alloyed with copper to create brass.
It is also used in alloys such as nickel silver, typewriter metal, soft and aluminium solder.
Zinc is used in conjunction with copper, magnesium and aluminium in die casting and spin casting.
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