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Please Note We do not import or export Ferro alloys, we supply in the U.K. only
Aluminum: Granules & Bars 99% & 95%
Calcium Silicon Alloy: 0.4-2.0mm &0-60mm Ca 30% Approx.
Calcium Silico Manganese: 2-7mm & 0-50mm Ca 15-25%
Cerium Mischmetall: 30g Pieces Ce 50% Approx.
Chromium Metal (aluminothermic): 5x50mm Cr 99% Min.
LC Ferro Chromium: 10x100mm, 10x30mm (special).
Hi Ferro Chromium: 10x100mm , 0x5mm.
Lc Ferro Chromium (Ni): n 3.5% Approx, N 12% Approx.
Copper: Granulos & Punchings.
Graphite (re-Carburizer): C 99% Low Sulphur.
Iron(low residual melt base): Typically C0.005%, S 0.006%, P 0.004%.
Iron(S.G. grade Pig): Typically C 4.2%, Si 0.2% S 0.015% Mn 0.03%
Magnesium Ferro Silicon: 6% Mg grade, Various sizes.
LC Ferro Manganese: 3x50mm Typically C 0.1 Max Mn 95%.
HC Ferro Manganese: 20x80mm Typically C 6-8% Mn 75%.
Manganese Flake (elecrolytic): Mn 96.7% Min.
Fe Manganese Briquettes: Each Briq Contains 1 Kilo Mn.
Ferro Molybdenum: 0.5mm & 5x50mm (Mo 66-70%).
Nickel: All Grades.
Nickel Magnesium Alloy: 15-16% Mg grade.
Ferro Niobium: 0x5mm & 5x50mm (Nb 65% Typically)
Ferro Phosphorus: 0x5mm (P 25% Typically)
Silicon Metal: Various Sizes (Si 98%, Al 0.6% Max, Fe 0.6 Max).
Ferro Silicon: 10x100mm Standard 75% Si grade, 3x10mm Inoculating Grade.
Fe Silicon Briquettes: Each Briq Contains 1 Kilo Si.
Ferro Selenium: Se 50% Approx.
Ferrous Sulphide: S28% Typically.
Tantalum: C.P. Cuttings.
Ferro Titanium: 0x5mm & 3x60mm Typically Ti 70%, Al 5%, V 1.5%.
Ferro Tungsten: 5x50mm W Typically 78%.
Ferro Vanadium: 5x50mm V 80% grade.
Ferro Silico Zirconium: 0x25mm & 10x50mm Zr 35% Typically.


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