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Low Melting Alloys
We produce a full range of bismuth based low melting point alloys, also referred to as cerro or fusible alloys. They range in melting temperature from 47oC to 300oC. They are made up from two or more of the following elements, Bismuth, Tin, Indium, Lead and Cadmium. Some of these alloys are either a 'Eutectic' (have a sharp melting point ) or have a melting range between solid and liquid states. We usually supply these alloys in either 1 or 1.5 kilo ingots, please click the links below for full details of each alloy.
Lens Alloy 117

Lens Alloy 136

Bend Alloy

Woods Metal

True Alloy

Cast Alloy

Base Alloy

Safe Alloy

Fields Metal

Matrix Alloy

Shield Alloy

Rose Metal
47oC Eutectic

58oC Eutectic

70oC Eutectic

70oC Eutectic

138oC Eutectic


124oC Eutectic


60oC Eutectic




We are also able to make alloys to your specifications containing the following metals: Bismuth, Lead, Tin, Cadmium, Indium and Antimony


Low Melting Alloys

Pure Metals

Other Alloys

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Zinc Repair Sticks (Zilt)


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Bismuth Crystals



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We are now able to offer small quantity lots

We are now able to offer Bismuth Crystals





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