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Low Melting Alloys
We produce a full range of bismuth based low melting point alloys, also referred to as cerro or fusible alloys. They range in melting temperature from 47oC to 300oC. They are made up from Two or more of the following elements, Bismuth, Tin, Indium, Lead and Cadmium. Some of these alloys are either a 'Eutectic' (have a sharp melting point ) or have a melting range between solid and liquid states. We usually supply these alloys in either 1 or 1.5 kilo ingots, please click the links below for full details of each alloy.

Stock Alloys

Lens Alloy 117 47°C Eutectic
Lens Alloy 136 58°C Eutectic
Bend Alloy 70°C Eutectic
Woods Metal 70°C Eutectic
True Alloy 138°C Eutectic
Cast Alloy 138-170°C
Base Alloy 124°C Eutectic
Safe Alloy 71-88°C
Fields Metal 60°C Eutectic
Matrix Alloy 130-227°C
Sheild Alloy 98°C
Rose Metal 100°C

We are also able to make alloys to your specifications containing the following metals:

Bismuth, Lead, Tin, Cadmium, Indium and Antimony