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Graphite Foil

Graphite foil is produced to give a thin flexible foil with no binder or fibre reinforcement.

Natural Graphite, the raw material is a mineral that is mined in a similar way to coal. It is then chemically treated and processed to form a soft flexible foil. No binder is used in the manufacturing process and so the material has many of the properties of solid graphite and can be used on a wide variety of applications from cryogenics at minus 200ºC to elevated temperatures of 3000ºC. The material also has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for use with most organic and inorganic chemicals with the exception of strong oxidizing compounds such as nitric or sulphuric acid.
The foil is a non fibrous material and has none of the health or handling problems associated with asbestos.

It is available in a range of thicknesses from 0.2mm and in densities of 0.7 gm/cc and 1 gm/cc and can be supplied in sheet or roll form. The standard grade is 99% minimum purity.


Temperature in inert / reducing conditions 200 to +2800oC
Temperature in oxidizing conditions - -200 to +500oC
Tensile strength 5.2 Mpa
Leachable Chloride 50 ppm Maximum
Electrical resistance 900 x 10-6 ohm cm parallel to the surface
250,000 x 10-6 ohm cm perpendicular to the surface
Thermal conductivity 120 kcal/m.Hr ºC parallel to the surface
4 kcal/m.Hr ºC perpendicular to the surface
Coefficient of thermal expansion 2x 10-6/ ºC parallel to the surface
5x 10-6/ ºC perpendicular to the surface
Compressibillity 47%
Recovery 15%

Graphite Foil Availability

Product Code Thickness / mm Density /g/cc Widths /mm Length /M Weight /Kg
LM021 0.2 1 1000 100 20
LM0351 0.35 1 1000 100 35
LM051 0.5 1 1000 70 35
LM0751 0.75 1 1000 50 37.5
LM11 1 1 1000 50 30
LM151 1.5 1 1000 1 1.5
LM21 2 1 1000 1 2