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Low Melting Pure Metal Other Alloy Refractory Material Thermal


Carbon fibre-reinforced carbon or graphite is a high strength composite material consisting of a carbon matrix and reinforcing carbon fibres.
Graphite foil is produced to give a thin flexible foil with no binder or fibre reinforcement.
General purpose extruded graphite, having good resistance to thermal shock. It has good dimensional, electrical and thermal stability, with high density and mechanical strength.
Siliconised Silicon Carbide Tubes are based on silicon and silicon carbide. They can be used in most atmosphere heat treating furnaces in place of conventional metal alloy and mullite radiant tubes
Technical Ceramics Offers a combination of good mechanical and electrical properties leading to a wide range of applications.


Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbon Composites

Graphite Foil

Machined Graphite Hot Zone Hardware

Siliconised Silicon Carbide Tubes

Technical Ceramics