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Zinc Repair Sticks (Zilt Sticks)

We are currently producing an alloy in stick form for the repair of galvanized items. These are similar to Zilt sticks an
Alloy of Tin, Lead and Zinc produced in stick form.
Length Approx 250mm
Weight Approx 100g
Thickness Approx 9mm
We sell this product by the kilo, there are approx Ten sticks to the kilo


Zilt or Zinc Repair Sticks



Methods of use

If the item to be repaired has just come out of the galvanizing bath and hence is still hot, the stick can simply be rubbed over the area required.
If the item is cold the method is as follows:
Heat up the area of galvanizing to be repaired ( take care not to exceed 200oC as this will damage the galvanized surface).
Heat up the end of the stick with blow torch or similar until the stick starts to melt.
Rub the end of the stick onto the area.
Re heat the stick and surface as required


Storage area should be : 
Cool, dry and well ventilated