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Other Alloys

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Zinc Repair Sticks ( Zilt Sticks )
We are currently producing an alloy in stick form for the repair of galvanized items. These are similar to Zilt sticks an
Alloy of Tin, Lead and Zinc produced in stick form. Please click the above link.

Bismuth / Tin Master Alloy For Shotgun Cartriges
We now have available the master alloy for Bismuth shot gun cartridge reloading,
This alloy is Bismuth with a small percentage of Tin and is available in small 50g pellets or 1 kilo ingots, If you have the shot making casting machine simply use this pre-mastered alloy to produce your shot. 

Linotype & Monotype
We are able to manufacture Linotype, Monotype, Electrotype, Stereotype and Foundry type metals

Custom Alloys
We are able to manufacture alloys to your requirements, composed of any of the following elements:
Tin, Lead, Indium, Bismuth, Cadmium.
Please E-mail us with a specification for an up to date price.

Lead Replacement
Bismuth & Tin for shotgun cartridges & bullets

Model Metals
Some of our low melting point alloys are used for making a variety of model products, from chess sets to toy soldiers and ornaments. Please click the above link.

Ferro Alloys
Please click above link for list of the Ferro Alloys we can supply.

Casting Alloys
Under construction.