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Safe Alloy ( 70-88°c )

Unlike Woodsmetal which swells upon cooling safe alloy shrinks during the first 30 minutes of cooling and then at the end of an hour, is EXACTLY the same size as the mould or part.
Cerro Safe Alloy Ingot
Alloy Eqivelants
AIM 70/88, CerroSAFE, Asarcolow 158/190

Melting Point: 70-88oC
Weight lb/in3: 0.341
Brinell Hardness: 9
Growth After Casting: -0.0004 to 0 after 1 hr inch/inch


Toy soldier casting
Proof casting cavities (threads, dies, moulds, blind holes)
Duplicate patterns in foundry match-plate making
Supporting work pieces while machining
Spray coating wood patterns
Making chamber castings
Masks for electroplating and spray-painting.

Available Forms

This material is available in the following forms

Ingot: 1.5 Kg larger ingots on request