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Lens Alloy 117
Lens Alloy 117 Ingot
Alloy Eqivelants
AIM 47, CerroLOW 117, Indalloy 117, Ostalloy 117, Asarcolow 117


Melting Point: Eutectic 47ºC 
Weight lb/in3: Approx 0.33 
Brinell Hardness: Approx 14.5 
Growth After Casting: (Shrinkage) Approx 0.0002" Per inch


Lens Blocking alloy 117 is primarily used for Holding Plastic/glass lenses during grinding operations. It can also be used for proof casting where low temperatures are necessary.
Because of its low eutectic melting properties this Lens alloy has found uses in fuses for safety devices. Also fusible mandrels.

Available Forms

This material is available in the following forms

Ingot: 1 Kg