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Fields Metal ( 60°c )


Environmentally safe fusible alloy, contains no Lead or Cadmium.
This remarkable alloy melts at just 60 oC but, unlike the most familiar low melting point alloys, does not contain lead or cadmium. It is a relatively hard and extremely tough alloy that has a wide variety of scientific and manufacturing applications. It is used for example to fill small tubes for bending without crushing, casting for models and jewellery, and for making precision moulds. Although relatively expensive because it has a high Indium content.
Fields Metal Ingot
Alloy Eqivelants
Indalloy 19

Melting Point: 60ºC
Mass Density gm/cm3: 7.88
Electrical Conductivity % of IACS: 3.30
Thermal coefficient expansion micro in/in ppm/oC (@20oC): 22
Tensile strength PSI: 4850


Bonding to glass.
Sealing metal to glass.
May be used as a non-toxic replacement for Mercury. 

Available Forms

This material is available in the following forms

Ingot: 1.5 Kg larger ingots on request