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Base Alloy ( 124°c )

Base alloy is one of the eutectics, ie it has a sharp melting point (124ºC). Unlike Bend alloy, Tool alloy and Press alloy, which expand immediately on solidification, Base alloy first shrinks, then grows slowly, reaching the dimensions of the mould some 5-7 hours after casting. This characteristic is of value since castings can be removed easily from the mould and measurements taken accurately when the casting has reached mould dimensions. It is also useful as a bending medium instead of Bend alloy where the latter's expansion characteristic is too great.
Cerro Base Alloy Ingot
Alloy Eqivelants
AIM 124, CerroBASE, Indalloy 255, Ostalloy 225, Asarcolow 255

Melting Point: Eutectic 124ºC 
Weight lb/in3: Approx 0.38 
Brinell Hardness: Approx 11.0 
Max Sustained Load: Approx 300 lbs/in²
Growth After Casting: 5 mins approx 0.001" Per inch
5 Hours 0.0000" Per inch
Then up to Max 0.002" Per inch approx 


Tube bending up to 3" - 3.5" Dia
Wave guide bending.
Proof casting.
Thermal fuses.

Available Forms

This material is available in the following forms

Ingot: 1.5 Kg larger ingots on request