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Lowden Limited "supplying Bismuth based low melting point alloys and pure metals since 1973"


About our company

We produce a full range of bismuth based low melting point alloys, also referred to as cerro or fusible alloys. They range in melting temperature from 47oC to 300oC. They are made up from Two or more of the following elements, Bismuth, Tin, Indium, Lead and Cadmium. Some of these alloys are either a 'Eutectic' (have a sharp melting point ) or have a melting range between solid and liquid states. We usually supply these alloys in either 1 or 1,5 kilo ingots, please click the links above for full details of each alloy.
We also supply pure metals, including Tin, Bismuth, Indium, Lead, Cadmium, Zinc and Antimony. Tin is available in Pellets 50g or sticks 2oz. Bismuth can be in ingots, various size pellets or shot. Cadmium is in the form of sticks, and the others are in ingot form, please click the links above for further details.
As well as the above products we also produce a Zinc repair stick for repairing galvanized finishes, as well as a full range of Ferro alloys and alloys that can be made to order. Please see links above.


Lens Alloy 117






New Products

We now have available the master alloy for Bismuth shot gun cartridge reloading,
This alloy is Bismuth with a small percentage of Tin and is available in small 50g pellets or 1 kilo ingots, If you have the shot making casting machine simply use this pre-mastered alloy to produce your shot.

Bismuth / Tin Master Alloy

please send email for current pricing


We are currently producing an alloy in stick form for the repair of galvanized items. These are similar to Zilt sticks an alloy of Tin, Lead and Zinc produced in stick form.

Length approx 250mm
Weight approx 100g
Thickness approx 9mm

We sell this product by the kilos, there are approx Ten sticks to the kilo, see more information on our other alloys drop down menu.



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